Joe has played a key role in helping AtmosFi navigate the start-up world and various obstacles associated with it. He's helped challenge our team to think differently about defining and communicating our value. He also provided guidance on strategy and execution that has helped align our mission and implementation of key initiatives. His insight and experience is invaluable, and we look forward to continue our relationship as AtmosFi continues to grow.

Ryan Oliveira, Co-Founder, AtmosFi

Over the course of six years, we had a wonderful two-way business relationship. In one direction, I can safely say that Joe is an EXPERT at driving ROI! Joe is always hungry for new and different ideas, and brought me onsite at least once a year, sometimes more frequently, simply to share with his leadership team what CEB is hearing in the broader market. Joe encouraged his direct reports to do the same, only with a more action-oriented tone, to ensure that the entire IT organization was not merely "thinking" differently, but "doing differently/better." One of Joe's best qualities is his laser-like focus on turning good ideas into actions, quickly. In the other direction, Joe was also a powerful thought partner to CEB across the years--we profiled Joe and his team on multiple occasions for their excellence in vendor management, service management strategic/tactical decision-making, and project management, and whether or not he had a "best practice" in a given domain, we could always count on Joe to push our thinking to the betterment of the entire CEB client community. In my experience, the people who are the most fun to work with, the most powerful allies to have in business, are those who are both excellent at what they do (instilling confidence in those around them), but who are also humble enough to know that excellence is a moving target, and are constantly seeking (and inspiring their colleagues to seek) opportunities to strengthen their approach. Joe is a rare combination of these attributes, and I think he will be an asset to any firm that engages him.

Chris Mixter, Principal, IT Practice, CEB

Joe and I worked together on several transformative initiatives but none as critical as the global roll out of SAP and the creation of regional shared services centers. For a company that had been managed in a highly decentralized manner for over a century, moving towards common processes and shared services was a daunting undertaking. In certain areas, there were as many systems and processes as there were plants. Joe and his team were the glue between the program team and the management teams of the respective business units / companies. Driving alignment and consensus towards best practices by helping each stakeholder focus on tangible business results and benefits was his strength.

Roberto Depani, President & Chief Executive Officer, Gexel Inc.

I worked with Joe for over 10 years at Campbell Soup. In that time I came to appreciate that Joe is not your "typical" CIO. He never tried to push any specific IT program or the hottest new technology. Instead, Joe started with the business strategy and what we were trying to accomplish as a company. He measured his results the same way the business leaders did....namely, how were we executing our strategic plan and were we getting the results we envisioned. His rational process and calm demeanor cast Joe as a business partner that looked like help to all the business leaders. He was always a man of his word and if he couldn't do what we asked, he always told us and suggested several alternatives.

The highest recommendation I can give is that I would enthusiastically hire him again if the need and opportunity ever presents itself. I am a fan......

Larry McWilliams, Former President and CEO, Keystone Foods

I worked very closely with Joe for several years and he is a great thought leader. I gained new insights about change and how it offers new opportunities and abundant choices that most leaders fail to recognize or act upon. Joe brings amazing business perspective to change and has the gift of presenting most complex problems with such simplicity that acceptance and adoption of the solution becomes imperative. He is down to earth and my interactions have been inspirational and focused, yet relaxed and comforting. It is such a pleasure working with him.

Sudipto Banerjee, Vice President, HR Operations and Services, Acosta

My experience with Joe began at Campbell Soup when I was the company's Director of Diversity. Back then, I envisioned how social media, cultural competence and collaborative technology could leverage a diversity of people for business impact. While other executives were either confused, and, or un-supportive, of the idea, Joe was empathetic towards me, and understood how the concept of leveraging our LGBT OPEN Business Resource Group (BRG) could be transformational. At the 2011Out& Equal Workplace Summit, Campbell's OPEN LGBT BRG launched the Network of Networks with their counterparts at Campbell's customers and business partners such as Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway, Kroger, Publix and Costco utilizing Microsoft Office 365 to develop ideas that might generate consumer affinity or sales in the LGBT market and to identify people at these companies who could be resources to strengthen Campbell's business relationships. A summary of the work can be read here. Joe's support inspired me to eventually launch my company, Inclusion Innovates, and led to the Network of Networks concept being deployed at a world leading food retailer with 6,500 stores worldwide and 375,000 people, serving 50 million customers a week.

Kevin Carter, President and Founder, Inclusion Innovates and Strategic Partner, The Winters Group, Inc.

I had the privilege of working with Joe for a decade at Campbell Soup. Joe led the implementation of SAP and other major IT projects in markets I worked in during my tenure (US and Asia Pacific). His technical expertise is unquestionable. What always made Joe standout most as a leader though was his collaborative and transparent approach to his teams and all functions. His teams were always prepared and empowered to deliver. Joe is a transformational leader and just great to work with!

Rick Tyrrell, Vice President Sales North America, Perfetti Van Melle

I attribute my experience in leading people through change to the opportunities and coaching from Joe. Demonstrating respect, building relationships and acknowledging that people are the company's greatest asset while ensuring a culture of accountability. Joe asks questions to get people thinking differently. Brainstorming out loud with pictures is a favorite of his approaches. Joe knows the value of gaining input from others who are closest to the data and processes. He uses these sessions to not only gain insights but also to help the participants see things differently. There are many "AHA" moments in these sessions. We always know when meeting with Joe to sit across from the white board because he is going to draw.

Donna Braunschweig, Senior Vice President, IT Governance, Fulton Financial Corporation
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