It's rare to find a person as knowledgeable about their area of expertise as Joe, but what makes him truly unique is his ability to empathize with his client and use his abilities to help in ways that were never apparent before. As owner of a management company servicing the construction and building material supply industry, I was very skeptical about the prospect of introducing new technology into my business model. Joe took the time to understand this and was also aware of the value it would unlock for my business. Joe worked with me through every step of the change and made sure we remained focused on improving my profit and productivity, which has been significant.

Dave Smith, President, Delavue Management LLC

In working with Joe for many years, I personally benefited from his commitment to developing leaders. Joe is gifted in his ability to challenge thinking and encourage taking educated risks, yet doing so in a supportive and encouraging manner that drives results and accountability. Through his energy and ability to build relationships, he empowers his leaders to embrace and lead change rather than just managing it.

Keith Rea, Director, Business Process & Technology, Strategic Demand Management, SC Johnson

The most important assets Joe brings to the game are experience and the ability to walk in the same shoes of the customer. He does something that is unique and better than others; and that is the ability listen, understand, and work together to achieve the desired outcome. I have had the opportunity to witness this first hand and it is remarkable to see the transformation take place.

Philip McGivney, Client Relationship Executive, PricewaterhouseCoopers

What makes Joe special is his ability to balance the hard and the soft stuff. He gets the complex dynamics of large scale transformation and is able to chart a path that not only aligns structures and systems but also captures the heart and soul of the people who are being asked to live the change.

Michael Moeller, Head of Human Resources, Orthology Inc

I had the privilege of working with Joe over a 10-year period, where I ran IT Strategic Planning and Finance, and later when I was in Corporate Strategy and R&D. At a basic level it was always a pleasure to work with Joe because he fully understands the need to set clear strategic direction and quickly "gets" the big picture issues. But what I find even more striking about Joe, and what has been his greatest influence on my thinking, is his uncanny ability to understand and navigate the human aspects of strategic change. As much as anyone I know, Joe is able to identify the challenges to strategic improvement inherent in getting real people in real organizations to change how they do what they do. His ability to plot a course to the destination that successfully addresses the organizational element is, in my book, unparalleled.

AJ Kait, Executive Vice President, Operations & Finance, Orion Fleet Intelligence

Joe and I worked on quite a few projects together. We worked most closely when Joe was the executive sponsor of an affinity network I helped to create. In that time, I learned from Joe that doing the right thing and doing the easy thing are seldom the same thing. But, when you work hard and do the right thing, you come out on the better side of history. That nugget of wisdom guided me successfully through quite a few situations over the years and I have Joe to thank for that.

Christopher Kraus, Assistant Vice President, Education and Development, Beneficial Bank

I have known Joe for many years and have found him to be an incredible global operational leader that understands how advanced technology and operational efficiencies drive revenue and reduce expenses. Joe is a rare individual that mentors and motivates not only his teams, but the broader organization, to adapt to the ever-changing business environment and organizational repositioning. I have learned and have implemented three things that set Joe apart: • Places others above himself, which attracts high performers, but endears loyalty to his purpose and more importantly the organization and its vision. • Promotes the successes of the organization and his teams to not only motivate, but to enhance the reputation and brand of the companies he serves and the teams he leads. • Portrays a professional coaching style that creates an environment of analytical and strategic thinking to not only address tactical items, but to position the organization's thought process for business and organizational positioning for future success.

Angelo J Valetta, Executive Director: East Region, FIS

Joe has spoken for many years to IT leaders in the SIM Mid-Atlantic Regional Leadership Forum - sharing wisdom gained from many years of leading IT organizations and offering advice to participants. His wisdom and advice comes from personal experiences, which he shares openly. People are always impressed with the lessons they take away and apply to themselves and their organizations.

Madeline Weiss, President, Weiss Associates, Inc.

After asking Joe to mentor me, and having our first meeting, I realized that Joe truly puts people first in everything he does. Joe is down to earth, personable, incredibly knowledgeable, and truly cares about his mentees. He has the unique talent of asking questions that uncover the core of his mentees needs, and the experience necessary to help them achieve their full potential. Anyone lucky enough to meet Joe should take advantage of his talents!

Ian Usher, Diamond Peer Teaching Intern at Temple University
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